domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017

FROM THE ROOF. 5 years after, already 5 years... what a pleasure to live in Family in this house, our house! This pleasure is duplicated when we know that we minimise our impact on the environment. From the roof you can see:
- Photovoltaic panel which produces over then 5000 KW per year.
- Thermic panel which produces around 70% of our needs in winter and 100% in Summer
- the 9 000 liters rain water tank used for the garden, bathroom and even for the swimming pool (Bio lagoon), we never miss water until now, even if we don't have a big security in August when it is not raining for 45 days
- Our stock of wood for the fireplace: not really to heat the house (well today yes, it was 9º outside and 19 inside)but over all to stop humidity, remember that part of the house is under land.
And finally the garden, a playground for our chickens, fresh eggs, fresh fruits and I hope very soon fresh vegetables...well I am missing time in fact!

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Instalação dos paineís fotovoltaicos






pure energy
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o interior





ainda não viram nada... esperem até verem a minha cozinha xpto...
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a madeira envernizada




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para o Jica


a relva está a crescer, a obra está quase no fim e as actualizações vão ficando cada vez menos... em breve terás que ver ao vivo!
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